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MSS company manufactured and shipped the closure of the diving shaft for the vessel of the MPSV06 project

MSS company manufactured and shipped the closure of the diving shaft for the vessel of the MPSV06 project

The North Pole Project 00903 ice-resistant self-propulsion platform (SPP) will receive a propulsion system integrated by Russian engineers. This was told to Mil.Press FlotProm by the designers of the vessel – Vympel Design Bureau and Admiralty Shipyards, as well as representatives of the customer from the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI).

The research vessel will be equipped with a special propulsion complex, which will provide optimum characteristics for a long Arctic drift. Alexander Petrov, the chief specialist of the AARI fleet department, told the publication about the customer’s requirements and new engineering solutions. According to him, of all the suitable diesel engines they have chosen Wärtsilä – so far there is no analogues to it in Russia. Other vessels well known to polar crews – Akademik Treshnikov and Akademik Fedorov – are equipped with similar diesels.

“Russian designers and engineers did serious work and created a solution to our requirements,” continues Petrov. – The difficulty was that a propeller shaft system with a direct drive (from a diesel engine – ed.) has not yet been created in the world. “Admiralty Shipyards negotiated with Wärtsilä, Rolls-Royce and ABB, but those manufacturers would not undertake such a task. The solution was offered by
“MSS, by matching our requirements with the appropriate manufacturers and combining all the equipment they would supply.”

He added that the specialists of the project bureau worked closely with the engineers of
“MSS and the manufacturers of the propulsion system elements. Initial data was specified by the designers of Vympel on the basis of the chosen diesel engine model. Producers of the propulsive system had to provide 10 knots stroke. These two parameters were combined, summarized Petrov.

The vessel will receive a special propulsion system integrated by MSS engineers. The delivery, which is handled by the company, includes a gearbox with a three-speed gearbox, an intermediate shaft, a mechanical drive of the propulsion unit and the propulsion unit itself with a fixed pitch propeller. The screw and steering unit is manufactured to a special order.

The company has state-of-the-art machines at its disposal for foundation machining. Turning and milling machine capabilities allow machining end surfaces of flanges with diameter from 2400 to 6000 mm.