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Local watermist extinguishing system SPRUT

Local watermist extinguishing system SPRUT

Local watermist extinguishing systems. The systems are based on the principle of lowering the temperature in the fire zone, removing and blocking the supply of oxygen.

Accommodation spaces watermist extinguishing system (Sprinkler system) Engine room watermist extinguishing system
Local extinguishing system SPRUT drawings


Low water consumption


Nozzles (open type)

K-factor: 7.0

Min. operation pressure, MPa from 0.2 to 0.6

Flow rate, l/min from 9,9 to 17,1

Min./Max. vertical distance from object, m: from 1.0\3,750 to 0.75\9.25

Max. distance between nozzles (in a single row), m: from 3.0 (1,5) to 3.0 (1,5)

Section valves

Nominal diameter DN, mm: 25

Nominal pressure PN, MPa: 1,6

Pump unit

Delivery, m³/h from 1,2 to 10,2

Operation pressure, MPa: 1,6

The systems can be supplied in aggregate form on a single frame, which is manufactured at our own production in St. Petersburg

What is SPRUT local extinguishing technology?

The principle of water extinguishing is based on the destruction of the "combustion triangle" by cooling the fire site and blocking the flow of oxygen into the chemical reaction zone.

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