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Aerosol extingushing system POSEIDON

Aerosol extingushing system POSEIDON

The “POSEIDON” type fire extinguishing aerosol generator is designed to extinguish solid combustible materials, liquids and electrical equipment up to 36 kV.
The system leaves no residue when used.

Aerosol extingushing system POSEIDON drawings


Main components

-Fire extinguishing aerosol generators with mounts

-Alarm control board

-A set of light and sound alarm “Aerosol! Leave”

The aerosol fire extinguishing system is used on river and sea vessels, designed to protect

-Control posts

-Flammable materials, substances and liquids

-Liquefied and compressed gases

-Fuel dispensing stations

-Machine room of category A

-Helicopter hangars

-Machine room without a watch

-Cargo pumps and pumping stations

-Separators rooms

The system is effective for extinguishing fires of classes

-A2 electrical installations under voltage up to 35 kV
-Localization of class A1 fires

The change in the composition of the atmosphere does not cause
choking and loss of consciousness.