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Foam extinguishing system DELPHIN

Foam extinguishing system DELPHIN

The principle of the DELPHIN system is based on its isolating ability (foam covers the burning substances, thereby preventing the flow of flammable gases and vapors to the combustion site), and some cooling effect of the foam contributes to the cessation of combustion.

Deck foam fire extinguishing system DELPHIN
Foam fire extinguishing system DELPHIN drawings


Low water consumption



Max. working pressure, MPa: 1,6

Water capacity, l/min: from 3000 to 20000

Jet length, m: from 70 to 123

Low expansion foam branch pipes

Water capacity, l/min: 215, 400


Foqm liquid tanks

Foam liquid pump


Low expansion foam branch pipes

Mixer of foam

Control panels and switchboards of the system


The foam firefighting system is subdivided into:
– Deck system
– Helideck and helipad system

Project 21180М

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